Nvidia Rocks


Hardware is the back bone of the Visualization process. The newest Nvidia cards in our office are fantastic. VR and Realtime rendering is better than ever. More time creating less render time ! Samples to come.

Revit and Occulus


Revit plugin Enscape is an incredibly  easy to use realtime renderer - simple visualizations are quick to generate. Getting a quality image does require effort on the modeling and even more so for materials.  Archvision RPC support is a welcome addition we are looking forward to exploring. A huge bonus is the Occulus viewer connection  - still not ideal to bring to the client but in-house presentations are going to be killer.

VR and Immersive environments


Having experimented with stereoscopic images long before the digital VR craze, we are familiar with immersive environments and have take on the challenge on several new projects to create images that immerse you with little to no additional hardware needed to view the final product.

What we are up to...