What we are up to...

VR and Immersive environments


This art project for Cathy Cunningham was a perfect candidate for VR. Being able to experience the hanging glass sculpture from various station points in and around the lobby was crutial to getting color, size and spread of the various pieces just right.

Revit and Enscape


Revit plugin Enscape continues to impress. Simple projects that really benefit from renders to convey the idea are not limited by budget - both time and clients pockets. IT is not instant but well worth the effort and the understanding they bring to all involved.



An Nvidia user since the early day  - back then I couldn't afford to go high end  - now with the huge boost that a high end card provides - I can't afford not to. While we still watch our bottom line we really try to get the most bang for our buck. Our Tiitan X has been not let us down but the grass is always greener....  Titan V is next!